A Stuttering Wizard with a dark past.

  • Buddy was born into an upper-middle class family in the primarily Elven town of Belquen. Growing up and going through the basic educations Buddy had befriended Blythe, a larger built and slightly bulkier than average High Elf. As they were around the age of Fifteen Blythe and Buddy had decided to further their friendship by swearing a blood oath.
  • As a young elf at the crisp young age of Seventeen, Buddy was one of the star pupils in the studies of the logical and arcane at Belquen’s school. Though Buddy was never of the more physically fit, and was quite shy around females; he still managed to have his small trustworthy clique of friends. Including Briia, Blythe, Benethil, and himself. Backing to Briia, she was the love of his life, they had met when buddy had an accident practicing his magic and severely burned his arm and Briia was tasked with practicing her studies of healing on Buddy’s burns.
  • They made quite a fine group, with Briia having studied the arts of magical healing, Blythe having studied evocation magic, Blythe mainly studied physical combat with a side of evocation studies, and Benethil practicing the stealthy side of combat. They all had one thing in common, a great affinity for fire.
  • But a mere week before Buddy had turned nineteen Briia took her life. Briia had left a note which had contained a riddle to her reasons for her act of suicide, it read

“In the veils of a once pleasant town,
Darkness now reigns,
this darkness is brought upon by the crown,
it causes me much pain
this darkness is a chain;
my bane,
I must bid thee farewell, to meet again in another plane.”

  • When Buddy had found of this news he secluded himself from society, until when driven by some sort of mixture of anger and misery he fled town at night, with little gold and little self-esteem left he set out, to find the solution to this riddle. He became lost with history until his journey really began with The Harpers around 200 years later.
  • After leaving Phlan, and coming upon the cursed town of Barovia, Buddy was certain he had figured out the answer to the riddle he had pinned in his spellbook that was marked with the sign of his old clique of friends. Buddy had set off into the castle of Ravenloft with his new group of friends, Kii, Ariose, Pri, Suikotsu, and Tod the Ranger; to slay the man named Strahd.
  • On this adventure, Buddy met his demise by being possessed by a ghost after opening the wrong coffin and climbing to the top Strahd’s castle and falling to his death.


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