I’ll meet you at Fiona’s Tea Kettle

A campaign beginning in the story line of the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign and then spinning wildly away from it. This campaign so far features Dark Cultists, a large orc army looming in the background and the continuous talk of Dragons (though none have yet to be seen).

And veered further away as the group battles through the Castle of Ravenloft in Barovia.

The group has long since slayed Strahd – his castle is now a crumbled heep and the town of Barovia was saved. People packed up and began to venture out of the town. The group traveled west. Back to the port that had originally welcomed them, Ishmere. Once in Ishmere they instantly gained noterietery as the ones who slew Strahd and by order of the guard registered as an adventuring guild.

They collected a large red gem set in a gold necklace. The stone appears to contain the soul of an old demon hunter. They also acquired an intelligent staff who has a wide variety of knowledge and is said to be able to ressurect but Cathysis the staff is also a self righteous dick.

The town of Ishmere is a Large town and trade hub for the lowely populated eastern moonsea region. Though now that the mountain pass that lead into Barovia has been cleared more trade routes will open up and allow for the town to flourish. This has set the council of Ishmere into high gear to ramp up trade route deals but rumors plague the town of a ‘green tide’. A large army of Orcs whom, rumor has it, has already destroyed Phlan (a City Northwest of this location).

The town has also been harassed by a ‘Demon Fish’. The group has been tasked to retrieve an Item from a prison for demons constructed by an ancient wizard and lost to time.

The ancient prison was believed to be hidden in the mountains south west of Ishmere and on their way there they were attacked by a group of Orc scouts – they found a message on the leader marked with the symbol of the Green Tide and orders to scout ahead in preperation to cut off any sort of retreat from Ishmere. They gave the note to their Cohort (Thomas) to deliver to the council of Ishmere and continued towards their quest. The next day they learned through a messenger stone that they had given Thomas that he had been arrested for crimes against the court. They sent the paladin to ride ahead of them while they continued down into the cave.

The group was sidetracked by a large group of kobolds whom led the group to their master. The party had the pleasure of meeting a Blue Dragon – and after Cathysis’ made a few great insults the dragon attempted to kill the party. They managed to run away and have decided that Thomas is a more important priority and have vowed to return to Ishmere to save him.

I'll Meet You At Fiona's Tea Kettle

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