I'll Meet You At Fiona's Tea Kettle

Tome of Moonstar pg2
Living on the edge or dying upon it!

The onslaught of orc

We barely had time to decide that we were returning to Ishmere for our good friend and ally Tom, until orcs began to chase us through the mountains. We leapt through woods, faster and faster, trying to evade the falling of javelins.

Our chase was ended swiftly when we came to the edge of a great cliff… Hundreds of feet in dropped off the mountain, and we knew then we had no other choice. After being hurt, and in great exhaustion, we turned to face our foe.

They came at us fiercely, charging straight for us with great speed. Throwing my staff into the ground, Kasdum protected us from one side where orcs may come, and with the great power of our ranger, a spiked growth kept the enemy from advancing onto us quickly.

Strategically and carefully we fought the orcs, and one by one they fell. We took little damage except for our brave paladin. Teleporting into battle she charged the commander of this group. Yet he was a strong orc, greater than any we have met so far. And the fate of our dwarf friend was looking grim.

With our great power however we conquered the remaining orcs until only the leader stood. There he grasped our friend paladin, knife ready to kill her. We halted our advance fearing for our friends survival. Pleading with him to let her go.

But Pri proved stronger than she looked, and with a blow to the stomach, she fled from the orc commander. We gave him no mercy, and with our combined powers we killed the orc…

Exhausted from battle, we fell back tired. I personally was drained of most of my spellpower… We were going to take a long rest to recover then move to ishmere and warn them.

Yet the wolves would not let it be, and before we knew it, we were surrounded… They charged at us, and we barely managed to evade. Three members fell from the wolves, too exhausted and hurt to fight. Our monk scared many wolves away by purging the light with darkness, yet to no avail as the wolves had broken his spell of darkness…

It was grim father… This was the first time I pondered whether my friends would live on. Though I may die, my task can be completed by another Moonstar… But my friends, they die and no others take their spots, none other than me know of their fate if I were to even survive…

Aru’n guided my hand, and from it I reach to my fallen comrades to give them strength. Each stood back to fight the wolves. And together we slew and ran the rest off!

We managed to survive… Yet still we were hurt… Our ranger cast a spell to conceal us so we may travel through the forest. And as a dire wolf, I led them through it on the safest possible path. Avoiding the owlbears that were approaching us.

My nose picked up the familiar scent of a lady. The lady of the woods, and approaching her in wolf form, and then changing into my druid self. I pleaded with her for aid. She did not tell me her name, only said it was “Lost”. This I named her, only because I thought it ironic that we found this woman Lost.

Her kindness led us to a great statue. A God for travelers. And here she told us that she would watch over us while we rested…

Father there are many dangers in our adventure, and so much evil. But there is also goodness. It is our job father, to fight for those few that do good.

It is that goodness that we fight for. That goodness that pushes us further to the town of Ishmere in the hopes of saving it from the Orc army. “The green tide.”

I’m coming Tom. I won’t let you down my friend. WE won’t let you down…


Tome of Moonstar pg1
Skull cave

The Tome is a book carried by Ariose, yet is blank until now. Written in elvish, it is translated so others may see.

Intro to the Tome of Ariose Moonstar

Father. I knew you said that soon I would write down my adventures upon the paper of this tome. Yet I did not at the time fully understand why I would write upon these pages. Until today I understood completely, and father it is then I realized. I was born from the Moonstar to travel forth and fight evil. I look now on everything that has happened and wished I had started this writing the moment I met these travelers…

I start logging my adventures today father. So that you and all the elder may read them some day. And If I may die… I ask that the one who takes my place father, that he respect these works, and continue the adventure as well…

Skull cave Log 1

The reflective pool, shown to us by the lady of the woods, was a puzzle. It would seem that you had to look upon the mountain with far seeing eyes, and then within the pool. When the cave upon the mount met with the one in the water, then it was revealed. A Skull.

The skull cave was a labyrinth, we were asked to retrieve ancient artifacts here. These artifacts who belong to some crazy wizard, would help in our fight with demons. The evil flame on these lands. Ishmere near by recently was attacked by a see demon, known as a Naga. It was gigantic, and killed many. In the event however our monk saved a child, and was revered a hero among the folk. His heart lay heavy though, as the babe he had saved, it’s mother died by the Naga.
This is why finding this cave was important…

Upon arriving to the cave, I noticed some birds beginning to sweep down and attack us. My father, elder of Moonstar Tree, taught me spells. One I never was able to master was the control over the storms that dwell above. Yet tested I was today, and my father would be proud. The power within me has grown, as I destroyed these foul creatures who wished to attack my comrades! One strike of lightning ended their lives quickly.

Entering the cave we came to three passes. Not knowing which to take, we took the one on the left. This led us to the cave like creatures that I had not seen before. I read once a book that described such beings as Kobolds, yet did not recall reading this until after this encounter. In the darkness we were surrounded by the kobolds, and with the great sun sword alit by our monk, and my great staff calling upon the winds to guard us, we stood ready.

Surprisingly though, the fighter, a mage fighter? Could speak the language of these creatures. It was a speech I never had heard before, but I was able to hear from our Eldritch Knight, that this creatures asked if we were here to visit “The Master”?

We wanted no quarrel, so we decided it was best to say yes. These creatures, now peacefully led us deep into the mountain. It became a tight fit for us, yet the Kobolds still remained upright. When we went deeper, we noticed that pillars under the mountain were encased in ice! Our breath was cold, and we knew then something was wrong.

The mounds of treasure were amazing, greater than the treasure of Strahd! Yet when we saw what climbed out of such a treasure, all the gold seemed dull. A Dragon, a blue drake of ice guarded this treasure and was master to these Kobolds!

I was not frightened of such a magnificent creature, more so was marveling its beauty. Yet often beauty can kill, for even a flower may hold poison to kill. This creature attacked us after we offered Cathysis… The staff seemed fit for a dragon, magical, and powerful. Yet once offered by our warlock, it insulted the creature instead! Enraged by the dim-witted and self righteous Cathysis, the Dragon attacked!

It was scary then, and we ran. Yet one comrade fell behind, our Warlock.

As a beast of the night, a panther, I leapt from the entrance into the woods before the cave. Passing over ten orcs! They had tracked us to this cave, and wished to capture my companions by net. However when the monk was caught, his mighty Sun Sword easily ripped the net to shreds.

Together with the forces of nature we slew the orcs. And thankfully our warlock was not harmed, and joined back up with us at the entrance.

We questioned how he survived the encounter, and all he could say was “The dragon will not bother us anymore.” I sense something more went on in that cave, yet I cannot understand it. All I know is my friend is safe, and we all survived the great dragon.

It is then that we must decide whether or not we should again try to venture into the cave, or head back to town in hopes of warning them of the orcs. The Eldritch Knight suggested we take the emblem they bore back to Ishmere to warn them of an impending attack.
The question now remains, head back into the cave? Or to Ishmere to help my good friend Tom?

Father, you taught me many things. Yet Nothing prepared me for such an adventure, I do not know what will become of me… Yet I will do the great Wolf Aru’n proud.


First night in the Castle
Or the last

The six adventurers and Ireena took a breath of stale air with in the ravenloft. Recovering from what seemed like a never ending swarm. Sushi, Buddy, Ariose and Kii began bickering about what is held here how they could defeat Strahd and what he wanted from them. “He is obviously just toying with us!” Prii spoke out loudly between the arguing of the others. Breaking the manotony of the arguing between the others, Todd was busy picking dirt out of his fingernails with a dagger.

They pushed back the great bronze doors, leaving the chapel and re-entering into the main foyer.

Tod was one of the last to enter the room – generally meandering behind. He stopped fidling with his blade when bits of dust and debri trickled down atop his head. With a hasty look and a grand leap out of the way as a large stone figure smashed into the marble floor where he once stood. This hunched demonic shaped figures eyes began to glow and the dust puffed free of its limbs as they slowly became animated. The stone Gargoyle spread its wings and pulled out the sharp stone talons it would use to try and disembowl the group. Three more of its friends dropped down all around them wings spread.

The battle was long and ardeous, The monk and Ireena kept one in the corner and todd kept another occupied, Ariose ran around doing his best to keep everyone remaining in the fight as buddy and Sushi where releasing many Fireballs hurled and beams of light at these stone beasts. The gargoyles crumpled into dust after a slow beating into submission and the team was left depleted.

They knew they had to rest but feared searching for a safer room only to find more horror. They attempted to make it into the smaller Foyer but were kept out by two stone Wyverns. Finaly, they decided to stick it out in the large Foyer, Sushi chained the large bronze doors that led from the chapel and they scatter Caltraps and bearings over the other 2 entry points.

The first hour passed uneventful but they heard deep moaning and scratching at the bronze doors – a herd of zombies must be on the other side. The group nervously sat as the mindless undead banged relentlessly against the bronze doors, which did not budge under their assault. Buddy had an odd conversation with a random man who was suddenly sitting next to him during his watch. This colorful clothed man dissapeared down a hallway taking with him some of buddies gold.

Beyond that the parties rest went fairly undisturbed. Sushi clicked and unlocked his chains from the bronze doors only to hear the patter of many footsteps coming down the corridor on the other side of the door. The foot steps grew louder and soon followed with a sudden crash at the bronze doors as the heavy doors pushed out a little and pincers of a giant spider lashed and flailed through the wedge between the double doors. Prii, Todd and Ariose rushed to his aid and tried to restrain the doors from the spiders strong push. Sushi acted quickly and let roose a torrent of fire through the wedged doors sending the spiders scurrying back long enough for them to slam the doors shut and re-lock the chain.

The group argued about where to go as they climbed and descended a stairwell on the south end of the foyeur. Eventually coming to the conclusion that they should try down first.

They moved down the winding stairwell in the dark castle as the crackle of thunder sounded outside. They pushed out into a hallway and begin moving through when a click was heard. The monk and others dove out of the way as Poroculis’ slid down blocking escape from a 10 foot space in the passage. Prii, the paladin, was left stammering. She has never been one to move quickly – always taught to stand sted-fast against her foes. Large blocks hit the floor around her blocking her vision from the others. There was a sharp scream and the blocks raised back in place with no sign of Prii.

Charging through Ravenloft

In the darkest point of the night, Just before dawn – a faint white glow permeated from the graveyard behind the church. Battered warriors and adventurers from times past rose up and floated with an eerie moan down the road and through the woods towards Castle Ravenloft. The party picked up their gear and the two bottles of holy water they had picked up from the priest and began their trek into the wooded trail to lead to castle ravenloft. Attempting to take a shortcut they ran into a pack of Gypsies which warned them of their misguided fortune and what mysteries might lie ahead of them. Ariose’ the parties druid helped the group scale a 1000 foot cliff to help circumvent part of the trail and continued over a bridge and were soon met by a mysterious and empty stage coach pulled by 2 black horses. It seemed like it was meant for them and the horses traveled up the steep hillside caring the intrepid adventurers to Ravenloft Castle. Rain poured down on them as they tried to figure out the best lane of attack before eventually giving up on any sort of plan and marching through the front doors of Castle ravenloft. They ignored the sound of an organ playing to the south and continued to the back of ravenloft and there they faced Strahd’ the vampyr. He toyed with them a little and noted the weak mind of the monk before fluttering away. His leave was followed by the pouring in of hundreds of bats which the group worked ferociously at beating back.

The trip to Barovia

Escaping the perils that awaited them at Phlan, the group of adventurers set out on the rough waters of the MoonSea. They weren’t the most accomplished sailors, infact Bimini Twist, the gnome captain that took them aboard, seemed rather glad to be rid of them on the eastern shores. Skoud along with all the green and grey Orcs continued sailing with Bimini Southward along with the Dragon Born Red and his lady.

The company was joined by a quiet fellow – a man of few words but had an impressive knack with a walking stick.

They traveled up and down the eastern shores helping small hamlets and towns across the coast with minor goblin infestations and other adventuring deeds but were soon to find that their philanthropic ways had soon made their pockets chagrin and hold want for coin they were not receiving.

The party was spending another solumn night in a tavern that was just like any other tavern they had spent any amount of time in. Outside the storms of the moonsea crashed against the coast causing torrents of wind to crash against the side of the sturdy building and with one of the loud booms the door flung open revealing a man dressed in fine clothing. With haste he made it to our adventurers table and through a wax sealed letter out on the table. He promised them riches beyond their wildest dreams if they just came to Barovia and help save the burgomasters daughter whom had been marked by a beast.

Well, it seemed like a good idea. Even after they walked up to the sinister and old gates of the barovian woods which creaked open welcoming them as they came closer only to slam shut again once they passed the threshold making sure to signal that their retreat from here would only be met with harsh resistance.

The 6 wearily entered town after being attacked by a small pack of wolves. Barovia at first glance looked to be a ghost town. As it turns out the poeple were all filled with fear and kept inside their homes. The tavern was a depressing sight and the merchant charged double or even triple for some items. They soon met the Burgo Masters Daughter, Ireena and discovered that the letter that was sent for them was indeed a fake. Though his daughter did appear to have the mark of a Vampyr she was not one yet and has accompanied the group hence forth to help vanquish the evil Count that ruled over Barovia.

That following night at the church the group was harassed by a large pack of wolves and hundreds of bats. The priest of the church didn’t make it but not before he told Ireena of her true mysterious past. That she was found by the burgomaster once as a child and took her in as his own.

See ya later Phlan and other quest lines.

The party and Skoud the war chieftain decided the best course of action and a win win solution for those involved would be to get Red out of the city along with his recently pregnant misses.

This mission was simple, they would by pass all security channels of the city by sneaking into the catacombs that ran underneath the city and would pop out near the docks where Red and his family live.

Underneath the Catacombs they came into contact with a zombie horde but managed to smite it with out a single loss. It seemed there were a lot of zombies walking around – some of which just walked right past the group heading to the east side of Phlan.

After a long enough walk the group soon found themselves in the sewers of phlan and then breached to the surface at edge of the docks.

A large contingency of guards seemed to be in the area presumably making sure Red doesn’t go any where. The group still managed to sneak into the bar and rescue Red – escaping as working passengers aboard a merchant vessel and sailing away.

Gibbering Mouthers Suck

The group managed to duck out with the magistrates Daughter in tow leaving the two warring factions of Orcs to fight it out. The group hurried back down the tree covered foot hills in the midst of the night, rain was pouring down which made their travels that much harder. The rain also made it difficult to see the approaching gibbering mouther – they had apparently wandered into its feeding area and had almost vanquished Hank but an arrow let loose by his friend, Mustard, was enough needed to cast the aberration into oblivion.

Wounded, tired and all out of spells the group continued to move through the night and the day at the quickest pace possible but an equally tired Grey Orc Chieftain had caught up at the edge of the tree line and with two mighty swings had nearly killed Mustard, this attack was prompted of course by mustard striking the magistrates daughter in the back of the head when she attempted to flee.

The party surrendered their course of action and negotiated with the Grey Orc Chieftain and his comrades. They would help lure Red out of the city and escape the tyranny of the Magistrate.

Green and Grey don't mix
Damn runt orcs

The group had re-established themselves in the early morning as they rose from their cots in a small clearing in the woods. It seemed Airose had already formed into his bear shape and didn’t seem like he didn’t want to return from it. After the party accepted this fact they heard what a scuffle in the brush beyond. Readying their weapons for an attack – a half orc leapt from the bushes and continued running through the mob of adventurers.

There was a moment of silence and confusion as everyone looked at each other then down the path as to where the Orc was seen traversing. Their confusion met its conclusion as another orc came running through the trees this time with an Owl Bear hot on its heels.

After the near defeat from the owl bear and with the help of the two new orc compatriots (yes the first one returned to help). Introductions where given, it turns out that the 2 orcs came from a green skin tribe but where kicked out because the tribe though of them as a joke.

The two orcs had some intel that after some haggling where willing to share with the group, it appears that the clan of orcs that kidnapped the magistrates daughter was a small clan of Grey Orcs, a more ‘civilized branch’ of the Orcish races and the Green skins where planning on raiding their camp this evening.

With an obvious distraction in place for them to sneak into the encampment and

Whats going on
Catching you up

The First Few Games

A Harpers Claim

A group of travelers all stopped at a Hostel called ’Fiona’s Tea Kettle’. They all where crammed into the same room and seemed like the most unlikely of adventurers. But this small group was soon called on by a man of the Harpers. He informed them that the Harpers had just arrested a merchant who was dealing in illicit goods. He soon gave up that he was schedule to pick up a dragons egg from a group of bandits outside of town. Due to the Wizards uncanny resemblance to the Merchant the Harper hired them to take on this task.

When all was said and done and after Red managed to set a barn on fire with some of the bandits still inside, the group returned to deliver the egg to the Harper whom was thoroughly Disappointed that the egg was indeed a fake.

(It should be noted that this man was found dead in an alley a few days later).

Goblins at the Mud Farms

One morning as the Party ate breakfast they heard a woman screaming as she ran through Phlans gates. After taking some time to calm her they found that goblins had raided her husbands farm and Kidnapped him along with one of her sons and some other workers. She barley escaped with her baby daughter. The group set out with the melody of sweet sounding justice in their minds and after some careful tracking found the goblin layer out in the woods of Phlan. Upon approach they found a human dressed in dark robes speaking to one of the goblins and then suddenly vanish in a puff of smoke.

After freeing the people they learned the caves used to belong to a black dragon long believed to be dead and that Zhentarim agents have allied with the goblins to collect remnants of the believed to be deceased dragon.

Priest of The Dead Dies


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