I'll Meet You At Fiona's Tea Kettle

First night in the Castle

Or the last

The six adventurers and Ireena took a breath of stale air with in the ravenloft. Recovering from what seemed like a never ending swarm. Sushi, Buddy, Ariose and Kii began bickering about what is held here how they could defeat Strahd and what he wanted from them. “He is obviously just toying with us!” Prii spoke out loudly between the arguing of the others. Breaking the manotony of the arguing between the others, Todd was busy picking dirt out of his fingernails with a dagger.

They pushed back the great bronze doors, leaving the chapel and re-entering into the main foyer.

Tod was one of the last to enter the room – generally meandering behind. He stopped fidling with his blade when bits of dust and debri trickled down atop his head. With a hasty look and a grand leap out of the way as a large stone figure smashed into the marble floor where he once stood. This hunched demonic shaped figures eyes began to glow and the dust puffed free of its limbs as they slowly became animated. The stone Gargoyle spread its wings and pulled out the sharp stone talons it would use to try and disembowl the group. Three more of its friends dropped down all around them wings spread.

The battle was long and ardeous, The monk and Ireena kept one in the corner and todd kept another occupied, Ariose ran around doing his best to keep everyone remaining in the fight as buddy and Sushi where releasing many Fireballs hurled and beams of light at these stone beasts. The gargoyles crumpled into dust after a slow beating into submission and the team was left depleted.

They knew they had to rest but feared searching for a safer room only to find more horror. They attempted to make it into the smaller Foyer but were kept out by two stone Wyverns. Finaly, they decided to stick it out in the large Foyer, Sushi chained the large bronze doors that led from the chapel and they scatter Caltraps and bearings over the other 2 entry points.

The first hour passed uneventful but they heard deep moaning and scratching at the bronze doors – a herd of zombies must be on the other side. The group nervously sat as the mindless undead banged relentlessly against the bronze doors, which did not budge under their assault. Buddy had an odd conversation with a random man who was suddenly sitting next to him during his watch. This colorful clothed man dissapeared down a hallway taking with him some of buddies gold.

Beyond that the parties rest went fairly undisturbed. Sushi clicked and unlocked his chains from the bronze doors only to hear the patter of many footsteps coming down the corridor on the other side of the door. The foot steps grew louder and soon followed with a sudden crash at the bronze doors as the heavy doors pushed out a little and pincers of a giant spider lashed and flailed through the wedge between the double doors. Prii, Todd and Ariose rushed to his aid and tried to restrain the doors from the spiders strong push. Sushi acted quickly and let roose a torrent of fire through the wedged doors sending the spiders scurrying back long enough for them to slam the doors shut and re-lock the chain.

The group argued about where to go as they climbed and descended a stairwell on the south end of the foyeur. Eventually coming to the conclusion that they should try down first.

They moved down the winding stairwell in the dark castle as the crackle of thunder sounded outside. They pushed out into a hallway and begin moving through when a click was heard. The monk and others dove out of the way as Poroculis’ slid down blocking escape from a 10 foot space in the passage. Prii, the paladin, was left stammering. She has never been one to move quickly – always taught to stand sted-fast against her foes. Large blocks hit the floor around her blocking her vision from the others. There was a sharp scream and the blocks raised back in place with no sign of Prii.


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