I'll Meet You At Fiona's Tea Kettle

Tome of Moonstar pg2

Living on the edge or dying upon it!

The onslaught of orc

We barely had time to decide that we were returning to Ishmere for our good friend and ally Tom, until orcs began to chase us through the mountains. We leapt through woods, faster and faster, trying to evade the falling of javelins.

Our chase was ended swiftly when we came to the edge of a great cliff… Hundreds of feet in dropped off the mountain, and we knew then we had no other choice. After being hurt, and in great exhaustion, we turned to face our foe.

They came at us fiercely, charging straight for us with great speed. Throwing my staff into the ground, Kasdum protected us from one side where orcs may come, and with the great power of our ranger, a spiked growth kept the enemy from advancing onto us quickly.

Strategically and carefully we fought the orcs, and one by one they fell. We took little damage except for our brave paladin. Teleporting into battle she charged the commander of this group. Yet he was a strong orc, greater than any we have met so far. And the fate of our dwarf friend was looking grim.

With our great power however we conquered the remaining orcs until only the leader stood. There he grasped our friend paladin, knife ready to kill her. We halted our advance fearing for our friends survival. Pleading with him to let her go.

But Pri proved stronger than she looked, and with a blow to the stomach, she fled from the orc commander. We gave him no mercy, and with our combined powers we killed the orc…

Exhausted from battle, we fell back tired. I personally was drained of most of my spellpower… We were going to take a long rest to recover then move to ishmere and warn them.

Yet the wolves would not let it be, and before we knew it, we were surrounded… They charged at us, and we barely managed to evade. Three members fell from the wolves, too exhausted and hurt to fight. Our monk scared many wolves away by purging the light with darkness, yet to no avail as the wolves had broken his spell of darkness…

It was grim father… This was the first time I pondered whether my friends would live on. Though I may die, my task can be completed by another Moonstar… But my friends, they die and no others take their spots, none other than me know of their fate if I were to even survive…

Aru’n guided my hand, and from it I reach to my fallen comrades to give them strength. Each stood back to fight the wolves. And together we slew and ran the rest off!

We managed to survive… Yet still we were hurt… Our ranger cast a spell to conceal us so we may travel through the forest. And as a dire wolf, I led them through it on the safest possible path. Avoiding the owlbears that were approaching us.

My nose picked up the familiar scent of a lady. The lady of the woods, and approaching her in wolf form, and then changing into my druid self. I pleaded with her for aid. She did not tell me her name, only said it was “Lost”. This I named her, only because I thought it ironic that we found this woman Lost.

Her kindness led us to a great statue. A God for travelers. And here she told us that she would watch over us while we rested…

Father there are many dangers in our adventure, and so much evil. But there is also goodness. It is our job father, to fight for those few that do good.

It is that goodness that we fight for. That goodness that pushes us further to the town of Ishmere in the hopes of saving it from the Orc army. “The green tide.”

I’m coming Tom. I won’t let you down my friend. WE won’t let you down…



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